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NSU Admissions is the department on campus that schedules tours of the campus, online admissions, and answers general questions about applying to Northwestern State University.
The Office of Admissions has prepared an outline for detailed instructions on How to Apply.

Follow the “Online Admissions” link at NSU Admissions to establish your admissions account.  You can create your account, apply to NSU, and review your activity as it relates to your admission.

This account is only for admission, and once you are accepted, does not apply to registration, financial aid, or other on-campus activities.

The Office of the Registrar has prepared a website for Tuition and Fees featuring a Cost of Attendance Calculator.

NSU Financial Aid Office
web site answers many questions about the financial aid process, what types of financial aid are available, and how to apply for financial aid.
The University Registrar list all courses in the University Catalog, under “University Catalogs”.
A list of current textbooks in use is located on our Current Students page. You may also find your course syllabus by going to eNSU’s Course Offerings, clicking on the semester, and then ‘Details’.
Books are available at the NSU Bookstore
Resources for using Moodle, NSU’s Online Learning Management System are located at the Student Help Desk, and through eNSU.
Students who complete a baccalaureate degree may wish to continue their education.  If you are interested in a Graduate Degree, please visit the NSU Graduate School  website.  This website contains information on the application process, course checklists, course descriptions, and requirements for graduate studies.
Full-time law enforcement or public safety officers, which include firemen and EMS personnel, are eligible for a fee reduction for a portion of tuition (up to 6 hours).  Out-of-state students who are enrolled in no more than six hours of course taken via the Internet and not enrolled in on-campus classes are exempt from paying out-of-state fees.  For more details or to download the application, please visit our Fee Reduction and Scholarships page.

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February 19th, 2016|

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